What I like most about Protect My Ministry is the format of the background reports; the information is laid out in a way that is easy to read and understand. Also, the turnaround time for getting reports back is very fast.
Dr. Fred Adams, The Rock Church And World Outreach Center
If we have a problem, Protect My Ministry customer service is always available to offer their assistance
Denise Theiss, PHR, Hickory Grove Baptist Church
Ministry Mobilizer saves time for our servants and simplifies our screening process.
Gordon Johnson, Calvary Chapel Modesto
Ministry Mobilizer gives us faster access to background information and has allowed us to speed up the hiring process.We enjoy quick response, accurate information, and like the price structure.
Marlene Haddock, First Baptist Church
The background screening process can be very frustrating and costly when handled in the wrong manner. Protect My Ministry has provided our organization with the proper technology to expedite our reporting, archived information for easy retrieval and review, customer service that’s prompt and easy to work with, and all at an affordable price. More so than that, we appreciate their commitment of faith, and to empowering other organizations in their ministry endeavors.
Rick Braschler, Kanakuk Kamps
With over 20 years of law enforcement experience I can attest to the fact that the strongest predictor of future criminal behavior is a person’s criminal history. As the manager of campus safety at Idlewild Baptist Church I depend on Protect my Ministry to provide a thorough assessment of every criminal history background check we request. For more than 3 years Protect My Ministry has been faithful to this task with timely, accurate and reliable service.
Rich Walker, Idlewild Baptist Church
We have benefited from knowing that we are not exposing the communities we work with or ourselves to unnecessary risk. We continue to have a perfect record in that we have never had a serious incident with a trip participant causing harm or acting inappropriately with any community member or fellow team member- thank goodness!
Hope Livingston, Living Water International
Online is saving us a large amount of time now. The results are more in depth than before, customer service is excellent.
Susan Tennyson, Prestonwood Baptist Church