Our Preferred Partners make working with Protect My Ministry even easier. Our partners include Church Management Software (CMS) providers, children’s ministry resource providers, insurance providers and denominations. All our programs are designed to save our ministry clients time and money.

ccbFrom ideas to design to finished features, Church Community Builder has always designed our software with church leaders in mind. Our goal is to equip your leaders and volunteers with the tools they need to do ministry, and that seeps into every corner of the software. Your church is full of dedicated leaders who fill vital roles that keep your ministry thriving. We’re here to support them.
Church Office OnlineChurch Office Online was founded in early 2005. Our church management software was born out of a discussion between one of the founders and a friend who happened to be the administrator for their church. The church administrator shared her frustration with how hard church management software was to use and how expensive it is. Church Office Online was founded to make great, easy to use software and offer it at an inexpensive price.
Servant Keeper - Protect My Ministry PartnerInside Servant Keeper simply establish an account and begin running employee and volunteer background checks. Just open their profiles and click “Background Check,” and the results will be stored with their profiles, usually within 24 hours!
Shelby Systems PartnerThrough Shelby Systems, simply establish an account and begin running employee and volunteer background checks. The individual’s information will automatically populate the request form from the Membership and Payroll Modules, and completed background reports are stored with the individual’s profile.
Arena LogoThrough Arena, simply establish an account and begin running employee and volunteer background checks. The individual’s information will automatically populate the request form. Through this integration you choose from packages and services designed specifically for faith-based organizations. You save time, use a quality service, and protect your people and resources.
Fellowship One PartnerFrom within your Fellowship 1 database you will need to establish an account to begin running employee and volunteer background checks. Logging in to our ordering system, you will be able to search for any volunteer or staff member stored in your database and import him/her with the click of a button. Results will be conveniently stored in your Fellowship 1 database.
Power Church PlusFrom within PowerChurch Plus simply establish an account and begin running employee and volunteer background checks.  The individual’s information will automatically populate the request form from the Membership and Payroll Modules and completed background reports are stored with the individual’s profile.
KidCheck LogoThrough KidCheck, simply establish an account to begin running Integrated Background Checks using existing personal information available to you from your volunteer’s and employee’s check-in account. Results and documentation are automatically saved in your secure KidCheck account and tied to each individual profile. Background checks are thorough, easy and designed to help you save time and stay organized.
Church Management Software ProclaimCRM offers integrated background checks with a simple push of a button. For authorized users the system will automatically populate the background check request form with the applicants information required while ordering a background check. Background reports and results are stored in the volunteer profile for convenient review, usually within 24 hours.
touchpoint_logoTouchPoint gives you the ability to conveniently run employee and volunteer background checks with the click of a button. Upon request, the individual’s information will automatically populate the request form. Through this integration you choose from packages and services designed specifically for faith-based organizations. You save time, use a quality service, and protect your people and resources.
full-logo (3)The core of Rock RMS is about managing people and their relationships between each other and the church. It all starts with an individual. With Rock, you have the ability to add an infinite number of attributes to a person’s record. These attributes can be easily grouped and reported. The notes you add are clearly visible and easily added and secured. You can also classify an individual’s activities with simple icons we call badges. These can be simple representations of a single data item, like baptism, or they can be richer with more data density, like showing a family’s last 12 months of check-ins as a simple bar chart.
Churchteams understands that integrity with finances, kids and follow up is vital to church management. Churchteams provides state of the art tools for contributions, check-in, membership, assimilation and more, allowing you to organize small groups and communicate with each other more effectively.

KidologyKidology is a non-profit organization dedicated to children’s ministry. It helps over 20,000 ministry leaders a day through Kidology.org; a site which features everything from searchable ministry ideas to interactive activities, discussion boards and more. This organization provides the tools necessary to minister and reach today’s children.
AwanaAwana is a ministry program for kids ages 2- 18. It is a unique organization as it actively involves parents and ministry leaders in its program. The program has been serving youth worldwide for over 60 years and continues to help families and communities understand and grow closer to their faith.
LCMSThe Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod (LCMS) is a mission orientated Christian denomination based in St. Louis, MO. With teachings founded on Martin Luther, the LCMS has over 2 million baptized members and 6,000 congregations. Its main mission is to sustain and revitalize Lutheran churches while supporting theological education.
CMAThe Christian and Missionary Alliance (CMA) is a movement with a mission all about Jesus; comprised of Christians called the Alliance or the people who “go”. With a mission based on action or doing, the Alliance travels all over to educate people on the word of God. The Alliance began in 1880 in New York City with one man and since has grown to 81 countries, 550 international worker and more than 2,000 US churches.
INCMThe International Network of Children’s Ministry (INCM) is a group of ministry leaders who strive to educate and motivate Christian leaders who minister to today’s youth. With a focus on child ministries the INCM provides families with spiritual development through quality training, conferences, networking and resourcing.
Church & Casualty is the exclusive agency for Church Mutual in Nevada. Advocating on behalf of more than 6,700 valued clients in California and Nevada, including recognized names like Mariners Church in Irvine, Twin Lakes Church in Aptos, and Canyon Ridge in Las Vegas, Church and Casualty has expanded to include senior communities, offering employee benefits and personal lines as well.
BMICMarkBrotherhood Mutual has insured America’s churches and related ministries for more than 90 years. Brotherhood Mutual believes insurance is more than a commercial endeavor. It’s a platform to accomplish their mission: to help America’s churches and related ministries build the Kingdom. They provide quality property and liability insurance coverage, custom designed to help churches and related ministries do their work safely and effectively.
Kids Sunday School Place is your online source for fresh, creative Children’s Ministry resources for Grade school and Preschool. We feature complete Sunday school lessons, Bible crafts, Christian activities, object lessons, stories, skits, games, songs, and much more. Teaching Sunday school is now easy, fun, and rewarding!
Osborne Insurance GroupThe Osborne Insurance Group was incorporated in 1994, initially as Osborne Insurance Services, Inc. The owner, Dean Osborne, began operations in Iowa and has expanded throughout the Midwest, offering quality products and service to churches, camps and Christian schools. When losses occur, we work closely with your claims adjuster to help solve and prevent any unforeseen problems in the settlement process. We always want to be the first to know in any significant claim situation.

American Heritage GirlsAmerican Heritage Girls is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing young women with a wholesome program. Their mission is to build women of Integrity through faith, family, community and country. The organization offers programs that help young women develop through leadership opportunities, service projects and many other wholesome activities.
IMBPray. Go. Give. Lead. The mission of IMB is to spread the word of the Gospel while planting churchs to help fulfill the Great Commison. With a vision of reaching every lanuage, person, tribe and nation – members of IMB seek to give everyone a chance to hear, understand and respond to the gospel in their own way, through evangelism and discipling.
GuideStone InsuranceGuideStone Insurance provides insurance to churches and ministries as well as others with the motto of Do Well. Do Right. The staff prides themselves on providing quality services without comprising the values of their clients. They have been meeting needs of others since 1918 with the goal to enhance financial security and maintain a foundation of integrity while doing it.
Child Evangelism FellowshipThis fellowship is comprised of born again believers who strive spread the word of God to children around the world. The organization’s mission is to reach every child, every nation, every day. To achieve this they train, equip and support their workers through whatever resources they may need to reach children around the world.
Emery and Webb InsuranceEmery and Webb Insurance serves over 3,000 churches and para-ministries with a specialized program designed specially with churches in mind. The program is for church insurance and risk management, with the intention of simplifying ministries process and providing honest coverage at a low price. It has served the industry for over 40 years now with the same standards of protecting churches.
The Fellowship of Christian AthletesThe Fellowship of Christian Athletes challenges coaches and athletes every day to impact the world through Jesus Christ. The fellowship reaches out to athletes of all ages through the 4 C’s of ministry: Coaches, Campus, Camp and Community. Their core values stand for integrity, service, teamwork and excellence.
guide-one-insuranceAt GuideOne Insurance, the mission is to provide you with peace of mind while you follow your purpose. From supporting strong values to rewarding social responsibility, what guides you is what makes us GuideOne!