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A look back at our VBS History.

We are certainly living in different times today. Different times call for new measures to protect our children, volunteers, and ministries from the growing threats of abusers. Imagine if your Vacation Bible School took place at a rented bar and lasted 4 weeks over the summer. As hard as it is to believe, that’s exactly how VBS got its start. In 1894 D.T. Miles had a vision in Hopedale, IL and by 1898 Elisa Hawes picked up the vision and began an “Everyday Bible School” for inner-city children from New York City that took place in a rented beer parlor. She continued her ministry for 7 years.

In the United States alone we have over 180,000 churches hosting vacation bible school programs this summer. Join us in helping to protect our kids, churches, and ministries this year.