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Child Safety Training More Important Than Ever Thanks to New Laws

It’s always a step in the right direction when states move to protect our innocent children from abusive predators. Even though the details might be overwhelming or confusing at the start, it’s imperative that organizations, including all faith-based groups, implement them as soon as possible. Pennsylvania took such action in 2014 when its state legislature

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Training Is the Key

Taking every precaution possible to ensure that children, volunteers, and the vision of your organization are protected is Protect My Ministry’s priority. It is crucial that every organization proactively orders background screenings on each and every person that may come in . However, the society in which we live today demands greater measures of safety.

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Online Child Safety Training now available through our Certified Integration Partners

Protect My Ministry is excited to announce that all churches and organizations that currently use our Certified Integration Partners will also have the ability to request our online child safety training.  Although our training has been available in the past, it required churches that use management software like Fellowship One or Shelby to log in

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