Protecting Your VBS and Summer Camp Ministry

Screen, Train and Mobilize Your Volunteers

with Ministry Mobilizer – Volunteer Pay

How can your ministry perform background checks on volunteers with little to no budget?  Perhaps you have more volunteers serving in VBS and summer outreach programs than at any other time of the year, and many of them do not serve year round. Is theonlinepayment cost to screen seasonal workers prohibitive?

Protect My Ministry can make it possible for you to screen everyone that serves this summer, at no cost to you.  Try Volunteer Pay and send your volunteers a link via email or from your website, that instantly collects payments from your volunteers and automatically orders the background checks.  

Your volunteers can even receive Online Child Safety Training. After your volunteers have paid for their background check, they can receive a link for child safety training that will help your volunteers to recognize and prevent child sexual abuse – online training, testing and certification takes 1 hour and can be done from the comfort of home.  

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Check out our church software partners to see if your church software provider is integrated with Protect My Ministry, and call us to activate your integration this summer, in time for VBS.

When parents in your community enroll their children in your ministry they need Peace of Mind by knowing you have done everything in your power to keep their kids safe.  That is where Protect My Ministry can help…

A look back at our VBS History….

old pic for vbs

We are certainly living in different times today. Different times call for new measures to protect our children, volunteers and ministries from the growing threats of abusers. Imagine if your Vacation Bible School took place at a rented bar and lasted 4 weeks over the summer. As hard as it is to believe, that’s exactly how VBS got its start. In 1894 D.T. Miles had a vision in Hopedale, IL and by 1898 Elisa Hawes picked up the vision and began an “Everyday Bible School” for inner city children from New York City that took place in a rented beer parlor. She continued her ministry for 7 years.

In the United States alone we have over 180,000 churches hosting vacation bible school programs this summer. Join us in helping to protect our kids, churches and ministries this year. Call our representatives today at (800) 319-5581.