Program Bundles

FREE background checks on your first year’s subscription!

Offer includes life-time access to child safety training, discounts up to 45% and paperless solutions to help you manage your screening process.

Ministry Mobilizer
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Program 4
Signup Fee (normally $39) 0 0 0 0
FREE Basic Checks (first year only) 25 50 65 75
Discounts Up To 45% 45% 45% 45%
BASIC Check (after free checks) $6 $6 $6 $6
PLUS Check (after free checks) $15* $15* $15* $15*
Child Safety Training FREE FREE FREE FREE
Rescreen Notifications
Volunteer Tracking
Background Consent Form
Customized Legal Agreement
eSignature Authorization
Custom Branding
Online Application Form
Online Policy Agreement
Notes Tracking
Screening Process Management
Document Uploading
Export to Excel
Ministry Job Board
Ministry Position Descriptions
Unlimited Campuses and Departments
Volunteer Contact Management
Activity Scheduling
Website Branding
Per Year $149 $299 $299 $299
One-Time $199 $399

*Mandatory Court fees may apply.

Our Programs are designed to meet your needs. All four programs come with bundled services as shown above, allowing you to find the right solution for your church!


Program 1 includes 25 Basic Background Checks your first year, re-screen notifications, volunteer tracking, and lifetime access to our industry leading Child Safety Training course for life. This online Child Safety Training is packed with real-life scenarios, interactive tutorials, and a comprehensive testing and certification process.

Instantly engage your volunteers with our highly interactive child safety training. Volunteers and staff can complete the training online, from anywhere, 24/7. Conducting annual group training is no longer enough. Your volunteers need training before they serve, and Ministry Mobilizer Program 1 will make sure you have the tools to succeed.


Program 2 includes all the features in Program 1, and 50 Basic background checks. Program 2 also gives you access to Bundle 2 features within Ministry Mobilizer.

Save yourself and your applicants the time and hassle of filling out paper forms, doing data entry, and the headache of storing paper consent forms in a secure place. A paperless process is available with our online consent forms, and all from within Ministry Mobilizer.


Program 3 includes all the features included in Program 1 and 2, and 65 Basic background checks. Program 3 also includes an online application form with custom questions for applicants, the ability to add custom notes to applicants, upload documents, manage your entire screening process through stages in a customized applicant pipeline, and more…


Program 4 is our best value. It includes every feature Ministry Mobilizer has to offer, and 75 Basic background checks. The additional features in Program 4 add powerful recruiting tools, such as your own custom branded Ministry Job Board, position descriptions, multi-department management, activity scheduling, and more!