Sturgis Wesleyan Church Case Study

“The need for background checks was always there, but we realized what we were doing was not enough,” says Josh Herrema, Student Ministries Pastor at Sturgis Wesleyan Church. “We needed the right resources.”

Sturgis Wesleyan Church

Love. Grow. Serve.

That’s the motto of Sturgis Wesleyan Church in Sturgis, Michigan, and everyone from church leaders to children live and abide by these words. It’s one of the reasons the ministry takes background checks so seriously. In order to love, grow and serve its community, the church must keep its congregation safe.

Specifically, church leaders were looking for a screening solution that provided comprehensive and customizable background checks in an easy-to-use and paperless platform. Their current screening agency had a limited scope, both in geography and the types of checks that could be performed. When church leaders learned about Protect My Ministry from another church, they headed straight to the screening firm’s website to investigate.

“The Protect My Ministry website was easier to comprehend [than our current providers’],” says Herrema. “The information was more accessible.”

In addition, whenever church leaders had a question, the Protect My Ministry sales representative produced timely, knowledgeable, and personable answers. That, as Sturgis Wesleyan Church soon discovered, is the hallmark of the customer service that Protect My Ministry routinely affords its clients. No matter the size of your ministry – from mega church to startup ministry – Protect My Ministry’s team members are uniquely positioned to help you implement or upgrade your screening and risk management programs with our exceptional customer service.

Since implementing Protect My Ministry’s ‘Ministry Mobilizer,’ Sturgis Wesleyan Church has experienced a complete turnaround in the quality and timeliness of its background checks, while keeping costs low.

“We have a program and a process in place that covers more than our local territory and the searches now are very thorough,” explains Herrema. “Protect My Ministry gives us quick turnarounds, immediate results and knowledge, and the assurance that they are protecting our ministry.”
More importantly, church leaders feel confident that the types of background check results Protect My Ministry delivers help keep the congregation safe so they can stay on point with the church’s mission to love, grow and serve.

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